West Virginia Judiciary

Access to Justice

Law Clerk Program

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia (WVSCA) adopted the Circuit Judge Law Clerk Program in 1997 with the hiring of ten circuit law clerks. Each subsequent year an additional ten law clerks were hired until every circuit judge had a law clerk.  Law clerks provide important support and assistance to circuit judges.  Each law clerk might have a broad spectrum of duties to perform, as every judge has specific legal and administrative support that they require of their law clerk.

Application Process

The Administrative Office recruits applicants year-round to screen for the creation of the pool of qualified candidates from which the circuit judges will make their hiring decisions. Law clerks can be hired directly by the circuit judge from either the pool of qualified candidates screened by the Administrative Office or from outside the pool, provided that the candidate is first approved by the Administrative Office.
To be considered for the pool of applicants please submit the following:

(*Provide an additional copy)

If applying for more than one open position, please send additional copies of your résumé and writing sample. 
Successful applicants must have graduated from law school with a minimum 2.2 GPA and must pass the bar with two (2) consecutive attempts if they aren’t yet members of the West Virginia State Bar.
Please send your completed application to:

Kara Mann
Access to Justice Coordinator
Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia
Room E- 100, Bldg. 1, State Capitol
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305-0830

More information about the application process and current open positions can be found on the law clerk job posting page.