West Virginia Judiciary

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Statistics and Data

The Division of Court Services’ Statistics Section manages data collection for the court system. Analysts provide technical assistance to county and court personnel to implement data collection projects and improve reporting on existing projects. The data collected is used for case management, legislative reporting, federal reporting, educational data requests, media requests, and administrative functions.

Staff Includes:
Tabetha Blevins, Senior Statistical Analyst – Court Statistics and Child Abuse and Neglect Database Projects
Monica Evans, Statistcal Analyst/Researcher – Court Statistics, and other special projects

Laura Welsh, Statistical Analyst/Researcher  - Court Statistics, and other special projects

Ashley Connolly, Statistical Analyst - Court Statistics, and other special projects

While the main source of data is from circuit and magistrate clerks’ court statistics, data is collected within several administrative data systems. To improve the accuracy of the data, each system uses data from a related project for checks and balances. The data systems managed by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Administrative Office include

For data requests, please email a complete data request form to WV.Stats@courtswv.gov. Please allow at least two weeks for data requests to be processed. Raw data will be provided in response to most Freedom of Information Act requests. The Court is in an exciting transition period, during which case management systems for Magistrate and Circuit Courts are being standardized. Standardized systems will help us to collect more detailed county and statewide data. Unfortunately, during this transitional period detailed data may not be available. Please bear with us as we try to improve statewide data collection.

Court Statistics Project

In order to maintain the efficient operation and fiscal management of the circuit, family, and magistrate courts throughout the state, the Supreme Court relies on a variety of data to track judicial activity. Most of the data is provided by the local courts, principally through regular reports of the court clerks. Under West Virginia Code § 51-1-17(e), magistrate and circuit clerks are to provide the Supreme Court administrative director with all requested information and statistical data bearing upon the state of the court dockets and any other information relating to the business of the courts. For circuit clerks, these reporting responsibilities to the administrative director involve both circuit court and family court activities. (Rule 16.13(a), TCR; W. Va. Code §§ 51-2A-7(c); 51-2A-16(c)).