West Virginia Judiciary

For Court Employees

Payroll Forms

Form W-4 (2017)

WV Employee's Withholding Exemption

Payroll Direct Deposit or WV Pay Card

WV Retirement Plus - ING 457(b)/VOYA

Mail completed original to:
West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
ATTN: Division of Human Resources
Building 1, Room E-100
1900 Kanawha Blvd. East
Charleston, WV 25305


Request for Leave

Compensatory Time Record

Travel Expense Form

Application for Education Benefits

Education Plan


Request for Assignment - Circuit/Family Court Judges

Senior Status Circuit Court Judges Per Diem/Travel

Allowances to Temporary Family Court Judges

Allowances to Senior Status Magistrate

Court Reporter Forms


Bar Dues Agreement Form


Court Security - Incident Report

Security Incident /Criminal Report Form

Fatality Review Referral Form

Added Property/Purchase Order Form

Purchase Order Form for Computer Equipment/Software/Maintenance

Election Activity Issues