West Virginia Judiciary

Judiciary Policies


These policies have been approved by the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia to govern the administration of the judicial system.  They are available to the public because the Court is committed to transparency and accountability. All policies are subject to change as court administration continues to develop.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the Administrative Office of the Courts at 304-558-0145 or Public Information Officer Jennifer Bundy at 304-340-2305.    

  • Division of Financial Services

  • Travel Policy and Standards

    This policy applies to all employees and elected officials and makes it clear that state vehicles may only be used for official purposes. The policy also imposes detailed reporting of the use of state vehicles and requires prompt and complete submission of only appropriate travel expenses for reimbursement.

  • Purchasing Card Policy and Procedures

    The policy defined acceptable use of state-issued purchasing cards.

  • General Accounting Policies and Procedures

    This policy addresses cash handling, credit card handling and vendor 1099s.

  • Asset Management Policy and Procedure

    All State property and equipment overseen by the Court was inventoried and catalogued in the State’s computer system (OASIS) as of August 2018.

  • Procurement Policies and Procedures

    This policy addresses procedures and guidelines for the procurement processes.

  • Division of Probation Services

  • Body Armor Policy

    This policy establishes to prescribe the standards for issuance, use, and management of ballistic-resistant body armor.

  • Division of Technology Services

  • Acceptable Use of Information Systems and Resources Policy

    This makes clear that personal items may not be used or stored on the Court’s computers.

  • Removable Media Policy

    This policy outlines procedures to minimize risks related to use of removable media and storage of sensitive information.

  • User Password Policy

    This policy outlines standards for creation, protection and rotation of passwords.