West Virginia Judiciary

Division of Probation Services

Probation Office Staff: Phone: 558-0145

Director: Stephanie Bond
Counsel: Julianne Wiseman
WV State Drug Court Coordinator: Nick Leftwich
Administrative Coordinator of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles: Randall Wagner
WVOCMS Quality Assurance Manager: Alicia Fields
WVOCMS State Data Supervisor: Codie Smith
WVOCMS Data Manager: Alex Facemire
WVOCMS Data Manager: Amanda Pritt
WVOCMS Data Manager: Brittany Halstead
WVOCMS Data Manager: Cassandra McFeeley
WVOCMS Data Manager: Jordan Lawson
Drug Court Specialist: Chautle Haught
WVOCMS Data Manager: Shelly Castle
Administrative Assistant: Lynn Fielder
Administrative Assistant: Georgeann Lilly-Barker

Chief Probation Officers