West Virginia Judiciary

Division of Probation Services

Interstate Compact for juveniles

The West Virginia Interstate Compact for Juveniles Office is a part of the Division of Probation Services. The Interstate Compact for Juveniles is a legislatively adopted agreement between states for tracking and supervising juveniles who move across state borders. The Compact provides accountability, visibility, and communication and is a tool for ensuring public safety as well as preserving child welfare. Those served by the compact are delinquent youth (accused or adjudicated), status offenders (accused or adjudicated), and non-offender, runaway youth who have left their state of residence.

The West Virginia compact office is the liaison between local county authorities and other state’s compact offices. As such, it coordinates the transfer of supervision of juvenile probation and parole across state lines; the return of runaways, absconders, escapees and juveniles who have fled to avoid prosecution; and provides notification of out-of-state travel. The Director of Probation Services serves as the State Commissioner to the National Commission. The day-to-day operations are handled by an administrative specialist within the division.

Lynn Fielder is the ICJ Administrator for the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, 304-558-6835.

For more information, visit the Interstate Compact for Juveniles website – www.juvenilecompact.org.