West Virginia Judiciary

Intensive Supervision Officer Program

ISO ( Intensive Supervision OfficerS)

The West Virginia Legislature passed the Child Protection Act in its 2006 first special session.This Act gave special responsibilities to West Virginia probation officers to provide more stringent supervision of those persons convicted of sexual offenses and certain serious child abuse cases in the state of West Virginia. Subsequently, the Intensive Supervision program was developed under the leadership of then-Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis in 2006 and 2007 during her “Year of the Child” and “Year of the Child, Too.”  The Division of Probation Services developed a supervision policy for this special population of offenders assisted by a committee of experienced probation officers.

In 2008, the division implemented the specialized Intensive Supervision Unit which was a first in the history of West Virginia probation. The ISU consists of nearly forty Intensive Supervision Officers (ISO) who are classified by statute as multi-judicial circuit probation officers and whose only duty is to supervise offenders convicted of sex crimes and serious child abuse offenses. These officers work out of their vehicles, not offices. In addition to standard work hours, they work holidays, nights, weekends, and hours in between, to make sure offenders are complying with the terms and conditions of their court orders. Extended supervision for these offenders also includes polygraph examinations and electronic monitoring.

There are six ISU supervision regions in West Virginia covering all fifty-five counties. Each region has a lead officer who acts as the local ISU supervisor for that area. Click here for printer-friendly pdf version of the map.