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On April 2, 2015, then-Governor  Early Ray Tomblin signed in to law Senate Bill 393 which, among many other things, strived to reduce the number of low-risk juvenile offenders in out of home placements. It was found that many status offenders, particularly truancy, were in both in and out of state facilities and were actually staying longer in those placements than their adjudicated counterparts.

Given that, the Governor allocated funds to hire Truancy Diversion Specialists across the state. The funding for half of these positions is allocated through the Department of Education, Office of Diversion and Transitional Programs. The local Boards of Education pay for the other half of the positions.

There are currently 21 School Based Probation Officers in 21 counties.

As a result of Governor Jim Justice continuing to fund half the salaries for these positions, West Virginia currently has 24 Truancy Diversion Specialists in 20 Counties.

2022 School-based Probation Officers and Truancy Diversion Specialists

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