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Opinion Information

When are slip opinions released to the public?

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia releases slip opinions weekdays at 3:00 pm, except for separate opinions, which may be released at any time after the majority opinion is released. All opinions are released by the Clerk's Office. Prior to release, the Clerk's Office contacts the parties and the lower court regarding the release of the opinion. Shortly after the release time, new slip opinions are added to the current term list.

What is a slip opinion?

When the Court decides an argued case, it may issue a printed document called a slip opinion, which contains the decision of the Court, as well as information about the case, the authorship of the opinion, and the "syllabus of points adjudicated" or syllabus for short. The syllabus is a helpful guide to understanding slip opinions, because it contains a concise summary of the points of law reviewed in the opinion. The Court may also issue a memorandum decision in an argued case. More information about the decision types of the Court is available on this page.

Are slip opinions final?

The "slip opinions" appearing on this Web site are not the final, official opinions of the Court. Slip opinions are subject to modification and petitions for rehearing pursuant to Rule 25 of the Rules of Appellate Procedure. Readers are therefore advised, that opinions of the Court remain subject to clerical correction until officially published in the bound volumes of the West Virginia Reports (West Publishing Co.). For other information about the use of this site, please consult the Terms of use.

Who receives correction requests?

Readers are encouraged to notify the Clerk of the Supreme Court, State Capitol, Room E-317, Charleston, WV 25305, (304) 558-2601, of any typographical or other formal errors in slip opinions so that corrections may be made before final publication in the permanent volume.

How do I obtain copies of opinions?

Users are encouraged to print documents as needed from this website. Most documents can be printed directly from within the web browser. More recent opinions (2000 - present) are available as Adobe™ Acrobat™ PDF© files, a format that preserves the look and feel of the original slip opinions. (Adobe Acrobat PDF files require use of a free Reader.) If you wish to obtain hard copy of any of these opinions or other opinions or briefs you may do so by contacting the Supreme Court Clerk's Office at (304) 558-2601. The charge for copies is as follows: $1 per page for all opinions, .25 per page for copies of documents in pending cases and $1 per page for documents in closed cases. Fax charges are $5 for the first page, $2 for the second page and $1 per page after that. There is a $2 per page charge for any documents reproduced from microfilm.