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Notices, Docketing Statements

Notice of Appeal

Notice of Appeal - Extra Sheet
Use this fillable form for the longer answers required in certain sections of the Notice of Appeal. Print and attach the extra sheets to the Notice of Appeal when filing.

Administrative Appeals Docketing Statement

Workers' Compensation Docketing Statement
* New form as per Revised Rules of Appellate Procedure

Post Conviction Habeas Corpus Form (Appendix A)

Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (Appendix B)

Civil Case Information Statement

Civil Case Subpoena

Administrative Subpoena
To be used by law enforcement for certain offenses against minors pursuant to W. Va. Code 62-1G-1 & 2


Family Court Forms

Magistrate Court Forms

Domestic Violence Forms

Personal Safety Forms

Infant Guardianship Forms

Guardian Ad Litem Proceedings Forms - not for use in child abuse & neglect or juvenile justice cases

Mental Hygiene: Conservator/Guardian Forms

Mental Hygiene: Involuntary Commitment Forms

Mental Hygiene Court Contacts - Hospital Resource

Mental Hygiene: Voluntary Hospitalization Transport

Forms for Expungement of Criminal Records and Criminal Offenses

Fee Waiver Forms - for use in Magistrate, Circuit and Family Courts

Forms for Foreign Language Interpreter/Translator Services

Court Reporter Forms

West Virginia Judiciary Application for Employment