West Virginia Judiciary

Rules of Appellate Procedure

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Rules of Appellate Procedure

Table of Contents
Part I. Applicability of Rules
  1. Scope of Rules; jurisdiction; terms of court
  2. Suspension of rules

Part II. Attorneys and Self-represented Parties
  1. Attorneys
  2. Self-represented parties

Part III. Appeals
  1. Appeals from circuit courts, administrative agencies, the Health Care Authority, and the Intermediate Court of Appeals
  2. Record on appeal
  3. Appendix record
  4. Alternative method—designated record
  5. Transcripts
  6. Briefs
  7. Abuse & neglect appeals
  8. Workers' compensation appeals
  9. Family court appeals
  10. Public service commission appeals
  11. Human rights commission appeals

Part IV. Original Jurisdiction and Certified Questions
  1. Original jurisdiction
  2. Certified questions

Part V. Oral Argument
  1. Argument calendar
  2. Oral argument
  3. Oral argument

Part VI. Disposition of Cases
  1. Memorandum decisions
  2. Opinions of the court
  3. Interest on judgments
  4. Filing fees; costs
  5. Petition for rehearing
  6. Issuance of mandate; stay of mandate
  7. Dismissal

Part VII. Motions and Other Requests for Relief
  1. Stays
  2. Motions; expedited reliefs
  3. Amicus Curiae
  4. Motions to dismiss the appeal
  5. Intervention
  6. Disqualification of a Justice
  7. Rule 33B. Diqualification of a Judge of the Intermediate Court of Appeals

  8. Bail

Part VIII. Disciplinary Cases
  1. Docketing and filing in disciplinary cases
  2. Consideration and disposition of disciplinary cases

Part IX. General Provisions
  1. Service of papers
  2. General rule on form and filing of documents
  3. Rule 38A. General Rule on electronic filing and servcie of documents

    Rule 38B. General rule on form and filing of paper documents

  4. Computation and extension of time
  5. Public access to case records and confidentiality
  6. Substitution of parties
  7. Media access
  8. Definitions and rules of construction

Appendix A - Notice of Appeal

Appendix B - Workers' Compensation Appeal Docketing Statement

Forms and Other Resources