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Rules of Procedure for Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

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Rules of Procedure for Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

Table of Contents
Appendix A
Appendix B

  1. Rules 1 through 25
    1. Scope of child abuse and neglect rules
    2. Purpose of child abuse and neglect rules; construction and enforcement
    3. Definitions
      1. Pre-petition Investigation
    4. Transfer and consolidation
      1. Venue
    5. Contemporaneous civil, criminal, and other proceedings
    6. Maintaining case on court docket
      1. Confidentiality of Proceedings and Records; Access by Family Court
    7. Time Computation; extensions of time and continuances
    8. Testimony of Children; inclusion of children in hearings and multidisciplinary treatment meetings
    9. Use of closed circuit television testimony
    10. Discovery
    11. Motion to compel, limit, or deny discovery
    12. Judicial management of discovery
    13. Preservation of records and exhibits
    14. Telephone or video conferences
    15. Visitation and other communication with child
    16. Emergency custody
      1. Required entry of support orders
    17. Pleadings allowed, Form of motions and other papers
    18. Contents of petition
      1. Appointment; responsibilities of guardian ad litem
    19. Amendments to petitio
    20. Notice of first hearing
    21. Effect of personal service on only one parent
    22. Preliminary hearing
    23. Preadjudicatory improvement period; family case plan; status conference
    24. Adjudicatory prehearing conference
    25. Time of final adjudicatory hearing
  2. Rules 26 through 53
    1. Stipulated adjudication, uncontested petitions, contents of written reports and admissions
    2. Findings; adjudication order
    3. Disposition report by Department – The child's case plan; contents of the child's case plan
    4. Notice of the child's case plan
    5. Exchange of information before disposition hearing
    6. Notice of disposition hearing
    7. Time of disposition hearing
    8. Stipulated disposition, contents of stipulation, voluntariness
    9. Rulings on objections to the child's case plan
    10. Uncontested termination of parental rights and contested termination and contests to the case plan
    11. Findings; disposition order
      1. Permanency hearing
    12. Improvement period; status conference
    13. Hearing after improvement period; final disposition
    14. Permanent placement review
    15. Permanent placement review reports
    16. Permanent placement review conference
    17. Findings at permanent placement review; order
    18. Time for permanent placement
    19. Foster care review
    20. Review following permanent placement; reporting permanent placement changes
    21. Modification or supplementation of court order; stipulations
    22. Status conference
    23. Separate hearing on issue of paternity
    24. Accelerated appeal for child abuse and neglect and termination of parental rights cases
    25. Stays on appeal
    26. Multidisciplinary treatment teams
    27. Court-appointed special advocate (CASA) representative
    28. Case status reporting
    29. Transitioning Adults

Appendix A
Appendix B