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Northern Panhandle Reentry Program

The Reentry Program's goal is to reduce West Virginia's prison population by providing an intensive supervision, treatment, and rehabilitation program for eligible candidates, addressing their drug and mental health issues in the hope of breaking the cycle of recidivism.

The only operating reentry program in West Virginia is in the First Judicial Circuit (Brooke, Hancock, and Ohio Counties). Prisoners with addiction or mental health issues are monitored and enrolled in out-patient treatment, overseen by parole officers.

The Brooke County Reentry Court targets offenders who have serious addiction or mental health issues. Participants are required to attend a minimum of one year of intensive out-patient treatment and regularly scheduled court appearances. The treatment team includes the parole officer, Lee Day Report Center staff, probation officers, case managers, and counselors, who all work together to monitor the progress of each participant. Reports on drug test results, attendance, and participation in treatment are reviewed with a participant at each court appearance. Encouragement is provided to those who are making progress in the program. Lack of progress or non-compliance in the program will result in the application of a series of graduated sanctions, which include increased judicial supervision, increased frequency of treatment, house arrest, and short-term incarceration.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, a candidate must

  1. Reside in Hancock, Brooke, or Ohio County and be at least eighteen years old;
  2. Have been determined to be addicted to drugs/alcohol, or have an Axis I mental health diagnosis; and
  3. Be amendable to treatment.

Exclusions to eligibility include

  1. Having recently committed a serious infraction of the rules of the Department of Corrections;
  2. Conviction of a sexual offense; or
  3. Having escaped or attempted to escape from a correctional institution.

The Access to Justice Division also provides administrative support to the Reentry program that is currently located in the Northern panhandle. The goal of the Reentry program is to provide program participants with supervision and treatment to address their mental illness or drug addictions. The program coordinator, Fredrick Harmon, screens potential participants as well as works with current participants to ensure they are complying with program requirements.

Brooke County Reentry Court Contact:
Northern Panhandle Treatment Court
Fredrick Harmon, Reentry Court Supervisor
51  16th Street, 3rd Floor
Wheeling, WV 26003

(304) 231-2431 office
(304) 231-2435 fax
(304) 374-4390 cellular

The program demonstrates extensive cooperation between the judicial and exexutive branches of government.

For more information about the program in general, please contact Access to Justice Director Kara Mann at 304-558-0145.