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Guardian / Conservator Online Training Tutorial

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To be officially appointed as a guardian or conservator, you must complete mandatory training. This required educational training must be completed within thirty days of the court's determination that there is a protected person.

NOTE: Throughout this training, references to guardians include limited guardians, temporary guardians and co-guardians unless otherwise specifically indicated. Likewise, conservator refers to limited, temporary and co-conservators.

The West Virginia Guardian / Conservator Online Training Tutorial is designed to provide education to an individual who is undertaking the responsibilities of being appointed by the court to serve as a guardian or conservator or both. The training may also be used to provide refresher information to existing guardians and conservators.

The information contained in the training tutorial is presented as general educational information to help guardians and conservators in their new or existing responsibilities, but is not and should not be considered legal advice. To resolve specific issues or problems, a guardian or conservator should seek advice from an attorney.

This training tutorial cannot be cited or relied upon in actual legal proceedings. You are cautioned to always check the most current applicable statutes, rules and case law for use in actual legal proceedings.