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West Virginia Judiciary

Opinions and Memo Decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeals

Current Term Opinion List

Links to all decisions filed in the current term of court are listed in the table below. Are you looking for an opinion list from a prior term of court? If so, please visit the Information & Search page. Opinions from the September 1991 term of court to the present day are available online.

The new integrated decision list combines all of the decisions issued during a court term, identifed using case type and decision type codes. To re-sort the list quickly, click any of the column headers (except case number). For more information about using the decision list and for an explanation of the codes, review the page: About the Decision List.

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Current Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
Current Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
Decision Type
Date Filed Case No. Case Name Case Type Decision Type
02/16/2018 17-0088 Hampden Coal, LLC and Oliver Hunt v. Michael R. Varney TCR SO
02/15/2018 16-1179 Lawyer Disciplinary Board v. Timothy M. Sirk L-DISC SO
02/15/2018 17-0777 In re: J.G., II JUV SO
02/14/2018 17-0481 In Re: J.P., E.P., and S.P. JUV SO
02/14/2018 16-1213 Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. John Robert Bonar and John & Werner Law Offices TCR MD
02/09/2018 16-1228 Judy Mae Greer, et al. v. David Lynn and Donna Lee Vandevender TCR MD
02/09/2018 17-0122 Rebecca C. Wildman Bailey, et al. v. JB Exploration I, LLC TCR MD
02/09/2018 17-0124 Carol Drake Greco and Bette Drake Walling v. George I. Sponaugle, II TCR MD
02/09/2018 17-0265 & 17-0280 Michael Thornsbury v. W. Va. Consolidated Public Retirement Board, etc. CIV-O MD
02/09/2018 17-0439 Timothy P. Shafer v. Karen Pszczolkwoski, Warden POST MD
02/08/2018 17-0175 Patricia S. Reed, Comm. W.Va. Division of Motor Vehicles v. Joseph D. Pompeo ADM SO
02/07/2018 17-0087 Alan Enterprizes LLC v. Mac's Convenience Stores LLC, et al. TCR SO
02/02/2018 17-0383 Neil W. v. Patrick Mirandy, Warden POST MD
02/02/2018 17-0416 Siddy W. v. Charles W. FAM MD
02/02/2018 17-0363 In Re: The Adoption of T.B. FAM MD
02/02/2018 17-0399 State of West Virginia v. Robert J.M. CR-F MD
02/02/2018 17-0318 In Re: Petition of W.P. for Expungement of Record CIV-O MD
02/02/2018 17-0299 Thomas C. Shrader v. State of West Virginia POST MD
02/02/2018 17-0273 Thomas Talbert v. Lance Yardley, Warden POST MD
02/02/2018 17-0212 State of West Virginia v. Keith W. R. Lowe CR-F MD
02/02/2018 17-0165 Aldona B. v. Nicholas S. FAM MD
02/02/2018 17-0115 Roynal Lee Walker v. Ralph Terry, Warden POST MD
01/31/2018 16-1101 & 16-1032 & 16-1104 St. Mary's Medical Center, Inc. v. Steel of West Virginia, etc. TCR SO
01/31/2018 17-0025 Bill J. Crouch, Secretary, W. Va. Dept. of Health and Human Resources v. Eric Gillispie, Administrator TCR SO
01/25/2018 17-0859 Virginia Adams v. Silver Creek Charleston B, LLC WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0853 Michael Messer Coal Mac/Arch Coal WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0813 Leslie McCollam v. Nellas, Inc. WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0812 Kenneth Hurley v. Pinnacle Mining Co. WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0768 CCBCC Operations, LLC v. Henri Coonts WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0758 Randy Custer v. Dulyea Danny WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0753 Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood v. Delores M. Ambro, Widow WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0751 Rebecca Stiltner v. Bluefield Regional Medical Center WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0747 Larry A. Hill v. Wendcentral Corp. WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0745 Cathy D. Cox v. Leslie Brothers Equipment Co. WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0727 Michael Farmer v. DCI/Shires, Inc. WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0674 Maria Cortez v. Macy's Retail Holdings WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0673 Jerry A. Rotenberry, Jr. v. Welch Emergency Hospital WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0516 Barbara Whipple v. EMS, Inc. Loughry, C.J., Dissenting WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0313 Raymond K. Fuller v. Huntington Alloys Corp. Loughry, C.J., Dissenting WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0312 Michael Herzog v. Cole Truck Parts, Inc. Loughry, C.J., Dissenting WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0149 Clyde A. Richmond v. Clyde's Floor Covering WC MD
01/25/2018 17-0027 Huntington Alloys Corp. v. Patrick Wheeler WC MD
01/24/2018 17-0036 Kahle's Kitchens, Inc. v. Shutler Cabinets, Inc. TCR SO
01/24/2018 17-0138 Markwest Liberty Midstream & Resources v. James T. Nutt, Trustee, etc. TCR MD
01/19/2018 16-1226 John R. Hooper v. 1543 Country Club Road Manor Operations TCR MD
01/19/2018 16-1027 Mama Rosa's and Beyond v. Schooner's Stadium Front Grille TCR MD
01/19/2018 17-0205 Vira Rose v. W. Va. Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management TCR MD
01/19/2018 17-0213 Marvin L. Clark v. Sheets Auto Electrical, LLC TCR MD
01/08/2018 17-0337 Gregory I. Settle v. Ralph Terry, Acting Warden POST MD
01/08/2018 17-0816 In Re: A.H. JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0809 In Re: A.H. JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0799 In Re: D.L.-1 and D.L.-2 JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0791 In Re: E.Y., D.L.-1, and D.L.-2 JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0786 In Re: A.B. and S.B. JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0783 In Re: A.H. JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0781 In Re: J.H.-1, T.O., and B.H. JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0769 In Re: L.H. JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0739 In Re: B.S. and J.S. JUV MD
01/08/2018 17-0204 Connie Elaine Mayle v. Barbour County Board of Education ADM MD
01/08/2018 17-0185 Brian W. v. Michael Martin, Acting Warden POST MD
01/08/2018 17-0176 Cameron Brown v. Grayson Assisted Living TCR MD
01/08/2018 17-0171 State of West Virginia v. Zachary Wamsley CR-F MD
01/08/2018 17-0167 State of West Virginia v. H.B. CR-O MD
01/08/2018 17-0117 State of West Virginia v. Rodney A. Carpenter CR-F MD
01/08/2018 17-0092 State of West Virginia v. Jimmy Ray Bonnett Jr. CR-M MD
01/08/2018 17-0089 Donald R. Rice v. Beverly Crossley TCR MD
01/08/2018 17-0061 Scott B. v. Ralph Terry, Acting Warden POST MD
01/08/2018 17-0058 State of West Virginia v. John Robert Zsigray CR-O MD
01/08/2018 17-0044 In Re: Adoption of E.L. FAM MD
01/08/2018 17-0031 Mohsen and Shamsi B. Sadeghzadeh v. William E. Jr. and Jo Ann Knode TCR MD
01/08/2018 16-1202 State of West Virginia v. Douglas L. CR-F MD
01/08/2018 16-1144 James Wilson Douglas, L.C. v. Jennifer S. Morton TCR MD
01/08/2018 16-0978 Stanley M. v. Patrick A. Mirandy, Warden POST MD
01/08/2018 16-1062 Jackie M. Martin v. Michael Martin, Acting Warden POST MD
01/08/2018 16-0433 Jesse B. v. Ralph Terry, Acting Warden POST MD
01/08/2018 16-1121 Robert R. v. Ralph Terry, Acting Warden POST MD
01/05/2018 17-0237 William Gillman and Boxley Aggregates v. Jessica Morton TCR MD
01/05/2018 17-0139 Clinton Giles v. Kanawha County Board of Education TCR MD
01/05/2018 17-0112 Michael M. v. Ralph Terry, Acting Warden POST MD
01/05/2018 17-0108 Ronnie Frazier v. General Motors TCR MD
01/05/2018 17-0107 Donald L. and Douglas O. Smith v. Dannie L. and Doran R. Smith TCR MD
01/05/2018 17-0037 Joseph Bruce Ragione v. Board of Education of Preston County TCR MD
01/05/2018 17-0024 David Joe Robey v. Dominion Transmission, Inc. TCR MD
01/05/2018 17-0003 B.L. v. A.D. TCR MD
01/05/2018 16-1212 Charles and James Cobb v. Jack L. and Donna Kay Collins, et al. TCR MD
01/05/2018 16-1141 Jeffrey Wayne Burns v. Elisa J. Burns (now Weber) FAM MD
01/05/2018 16-1138 State of West Virginia v. Daniel Holler CR-F MD
01/05/2018 16-1110 State of West Virginia v. Jeffrey Lynn Hovatter CR-F MD
01/05/2018 16-1066 State of West Virginia v. Richard W. Zimmerman CR-F MD
01/05/2018 16-1031 Steven Roche v. Michelle Jill Wade, etc. TCR MD
01/05/2018 16-0942 West Liberty University Board of Governors v. Stewart Lane TCR MD
01/05/2018 16-0889 State of West Virginia v. Loren Garcia CR-F MD
01/05/2018 16-0887 In Re: Expungement of the Record of T.R.W. CIV-O MD
01/05/2018 16-0813 Ethan Brumfield v. Patricia S. Reed, Comm., W. Va. DMV ADM MD
01/05/2018 16-0740 State of West Virginia v. Donald Sidney Bailey CR-F MD
01/05/2018 16-0641 Eric S. Gordon Trust v. West Virginia Municipal League TCR MD
01/05/2018 16-0598 Sheena Mortimer v. West Virginia Dept. of Health and Human Resources ADM MD