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Opinions and Memo Decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeals

Current Term Opinion List

Links to all decisions filed in the current term of court are listed in the table below. Are you looking for an opinion list from a prior term of court? If so, please visit the Information & Search page. Opinions from the September 1991 term of court to the present day are available online.

The new integrated decision list combines all of the decisions issued during a court term, identifed using case type and decision type codes. To re-sort the list quickly, click any of the column headers (except case number). For more information about using the decision list and for an explanation of the codes, review the page: About the Decision List.

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Current Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
Current Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
Decision Type
Date Filed Case No. Case Name Case Type Decision Type
02/15/2019 17-0857 Jonathan E. Presnell vs. Eston J. Presnell, III, et al. TCR SO
02/15/2019 18-0938 In re A.L. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0900 In re L.L. and H.L. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0877 In re L.T.-1 and L.T.-2 JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0843 In re C.C.-1, K.C., M.C., D.C., and C.C.-2 JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0830 In re L.A. and K.A. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0829 In re D.H. and H.H. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0800 In re S.P. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0795 In re G.H. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0722 In re A.E., L.E., Z.E., and D.P. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0721 In re A.E., L.E., Z.E., and D.P. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0718 In re J.S. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0596 In re K.S. JUV MD
02/15/2019 18-0146 Gladys J. vs. Ronnie J. FAM MD
02/15/2019 18-0095 State of West Virginia vs. Sherman B. Williams CR-F MD
02/15/2019 18-0041 Vernon M. vs. Jan M. FAM MD
02/15/2019 17-1145 Saundra J. vs. Robert S. FAM MD
02/15/2019 17-0660 CCC, Inc. vs J Class Collision, LLC CIV-O MD
02/11/2019 18-0433 Mark W. McFall vs. WV Board of Law Examiners L-ADM MD
02/11/2019 18-0287 Valerie Tabit vs. Kroger Group Cooperative, Inc., et al. TCR MD
02/11/2019 18-0156 Tracie Wilson vs. Tonya Parker et al. PR MD
02/11/2019 18-0110 William Douglas Brown et al. vs. Smith McCausland TCR MD
02/07/2019 16-0437 State of West Virginia v. Michael S. Sites CR-F SO
02/07/2019 18-0242 In re K.C. JUV MD
01/31/2019 17-0436 Selwyn Vanderpool, et al. v CPL B.M. Hunt and Greenbrier County Sheriff Department TCR SO
01/31/2019 18-0562 In re R.S. JUV MD
01/14/2019 17-0920 State of West Virginia v. Robert Blake CR-F MD
01/14/2019 17-0730 Jason M. Payne v. Donnie Ames, Superintendent POST MD
01/14/2019 17-0780 State of West Virginia v. Iran G. CR-F MD
01/14/2019 17-1029 Jaymason M. Robinson v. Russell Maston, Superintendent POST MD
01/14/2019 17-1036 State of West Virginia v. Justin E. Hobday CR-F MD
01/14/2019 17-1099 Ronald S. v. Donnie Ames, Superintendent POST MD
01/14/2019 17-1116 State of West Virginia v. Edward H. CR-F MD
01/14/2019 18-0006 State of West Virginia v. Megan J. Stewart CR-F MD
01/14/2019 18-0059 In re K.S. CR-O MD
01/14/2019 18-0084 Teddy Atkins II v. Angela Atkins FAM MD
01/14/2019 18-0604 In re J.M. JUV MD
01/14/2019 18-0719 In re T.H. JUV MD
01/14/2019 18-0733 In re S.S. JUV MD
01/14/2019 18-0745 In re N.L. JUV MD
01/14/2019 18-0774 In re J.B. JUV MD
01/14/2019 18-0777 In re L.C. JUV MD
01/14/2019 18-0792 In re N.B., I.L., C.C.-1, and C.C.-2 JUV MD